What to Expect from Your Sports Injury Rehab

18 Jun 2018 Uncategorized

Athlete Undergoing Sports Injury Rehab for Knee Injury| RhodesPT.netOne of the realities of being an athlete is the risk of injury and the subsequent recovery that happens. Physical therapy is crucial for getting back to your peak performance! Here is what you can expect during your sports injury rehab process:

You will be Challenged: Exercise that is safe for your current level of recovery is essential to your recovery and helps to speed the healing process, so expect to be asked to work right away. All exercises should be approved by your therapist or physician, however.

Recovery won’t be Immediate: To avoid re-injury or setbacks in your recovery process, therapeutic exercise will be done at a safe pace. Don’t try to rush your progress in an attempt to get back to 100%, as this could have the opposite effect.

You May Have Work to do at Home: In addition to the therapy that you receive at your therapist’s location, you may also be advised to follow an at-home program as well. This could include stretches, exercises, ice, and more.

You Might be a Little Sore: As with any exercise regimen, when you first start you will be doing movements you are unaccustomed to, so some soreness is to be expected. Let your physical therapist or physician know if the soreness turns into pain that is unbearable.

With some patience and determination, it is possible to get back to your former level of athletic performance with sports injury rehab. Visit RhodesPT.net to learn how we can help you.