Industrial Rehabilitation Is an Important Physical-Therapy Service

14 Aug 2018 Uncategorized
Construction Worker Balancing on Rebar |

We offer a variety of physical-therapy services at Rhodes Physical Therapy. One of these is industrial rehabilitation, a vital specialty in the field of physical therapy.

Industrial rehabilitation is the prevention and treatment of workplace injuries with a focus on strengthening injured workers so they can return to work as soon as possible. Physical therapists who work in the area of industrial rehabilitation communicate with employers, the employees themselves, and insurance companies. It is important that all these parties be involved in industrial rehabilitation, since employers bear some responsibility to employees who become injured on the job.

Physical therapists working in industrial rehabilitation might participate in pre-employment assessments to determine if a potential new hire is physically able to perform the job’s duties. The therapists identify certain medical conditions that could be problematic on the job so an employer can modify training and assignments for that individual.

Employees who do become injured at work will meet with industrial-rehabilitation therapists to overcome their injuries, strengthen their bodies, and ultimately return to work. The therapy may involve work hardening and conditioning, in which workers partake in physically strenuous activities that resemble their workplace duties. The goal is that, with enough time, the workers will become as strong as they had been before becoming injured.

During therapy, physical therapists will also educate employees in workplace-injury prevention, physical limitations, and injury management. All these areas are important for remaining physically able to work in the long run. Industrial rehabilitation is one of our specialties at Rhodes Physical Therapy. If you’ve been injured at work and require our services, call us at (801) 447-9339.