Should You Pursue a Modified Duty Assignment?

If you recently sustained an injury or suffered from serious illness, you may be immobilized or experiencing decreased physical functionality. You not only have to focus on your recovery at this point, but how this new situation could affect your employment. In most cases, some temporary modification of duties can be made for a return to work in a limited capacity.

How to officially request modified duty.

If you feel that you can continue performing certain aspects of your job without negatively affecting your rehabilitation, talk to your physician. Knowing your physical capabilities and limitations is crucial, and you may benefit from a functional capacity evaluation (FCE).

Also known as a physical capacity evaluation (PCE), an FCE involves a battery of objective tests, practices, and observations to evaluate your physical ability to function in different areas. The final report can help demonstrate the aggregate impact of your symptoms on your ability to perform essential work tasks.

Your physician is your advocate.
A medical professional is concerned with your wellness, and must ensure that your day-to-day life does not affect your recovery. Your employer may not require you to submit an official “doctor’s note,” but keeping documentation to protect your rights is smart. Fortunately, businesses are encouraged to have a policy regarding light/limited duty assignments for their employees. Your employer may respond to your diagnosis by modifying essential functions of the job, limiting your working hours, and changing working conditions.

Knowledge is a main piece of the puzzle necessary to complete the road to your physical wellness, healing, and recovery. Rhodes Physical Therapy can help you become empowered today!

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