Sticking to Your Athletic Goals

10 Jan 2019 Uncategorized
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Many of us like to set goals that involve improved diet or fitness at the start of each year, but often those goals start to fall off as we approach the second month of the year. When setting a fitness goal, how can we stick to them? With a bit of determination and help from our Salt Lake physical therapy specialists to overcome the fitness obstacles that set you back, you can make it happen!

1. Set smaller goals: Rather than resolving to lose a certain number of pounds or achieve a huge fitness goal over the course of the year, set smaller goals with shorter timelines. Breaking goals up like this makes them more attainable, and gives you more things to celebrate when you reach them!

2. Don’t overdo it: Burnout is real, and is the culprit behind many diet and fitness goals being abandoned. Don’t attempt to do too much too quickly in an attempt to reach your goals faster.

3. Be kind to yourself: Whether an injury derails you or your short-term goals just don’t work out one week, it’s not the end of the world! Work on recovering from the injury, set a new goal, or take whatever steps necessary to get back on track.

Setting and sticking to athletic goals may sometimes feel like a losing battle, but with some easy steps and Salt Lake physical therapy from Rhodes Physical Therapy, you can overcome injury and get back on track to better fitness!

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