The Benefits of the Alter G Treadmill

25 Jan 2019 Uncategorized
Man Walking in an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill |

When looking into a physical therapy provider in your area, it may be beneficial to your recovery to search for Alter G locations. This anti-gravity treadmill offers many benefits to injury recovery, athletic training, and weight loss, and is available at Rhodes Physical Therapy. Some of the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill benefits include:

1. Reduced gravitational load and body weight: By unweighting the user, AlterG allows pain-free and unrestricted movement, which can help speed up muscle building and restoring, range of motion, and balance.         

2. Adjustable settings: Users can be unweighted in 1% increments, reducing the load to as low as 20% bodyweight. This allows each user to customize the gravitational load and body weight to the specific needs of their physical therapy recovery plan.

3. Real-time feedback: Gait analytics and video feedback allow users and physical therapists to understand movement patterns and make corrections on the fly, which leads to faster, better outcomes.

4. Safety: The fall-safe environment of the AlterG treadmill enables controlled progression of weight bearing and training intensity without the risk of injury. Cutting-edge technology plays a big role in the success of a physical therapy plan, and finding Alter G locations for your therapy or fitness goals is a great place to start! Rhodes Physical Therapy is proud to offer AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill sessions, visit today to learn more.

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