The Responsibilities of a Physical Therapist

10 Jul 2018 Uncategorized

If you’re lucky, you may have never had to visit a physical therapist for treatment. However, accidents do happen, and some people are born with medical conditions that require long-term physical therapy. You expect a certain quality when you visit a physical therapist. You want to work with therapists who know what they’re doing and truly care about you. In this post, we’re going to examine what exactly physical therapists do and what their responsibilities are.

Physical therapists identify and treat medical conditions that prevent patients from moving and functioning to their fullest abilities. These conditions might cause patients pain and stop them from enjoying their lives. The goal of a physical therapist, then, is to help patients work through their afflictions to regain full or partial mobility and ultimately live fuller lives. Physical therapists do this by developing treatment plans, helping patients to exercise the affected areas of their bodies, and showing patients how to continue their exercises at home.

Physical therapists need to understand human anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, and several other medical disciplines. They incorporate their knowledge of these areas, as well as of changing standards in the physical-therapy industry, in treating patients.

The other major part of a physical therapist’s job involves interacting with patients. It is not enough simply to treat a patient’s condition. Physical therapists must also actively encourage their patients to succeed, to fight through their frustrations and overcome their injuries or disabilities. Physical therapists have to want to help.

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