You Don’t Have to Accept Injuries as a Part of Your Game

20 Jul 2018 Uncategorized

As an athlete, you learn about your body and are motivated to give it the best care you can. As a golfer, you can take steps to help you get the most out of your game and prolong your physical ability to play. Awareness of symptoms associated with common injuries can add longevity to your life as a golfer and enable you to make informed decisions for seeking medical attention and physical therapy. Are you aware of the symptoms relating to these common injuries?


Rotator cuff injuries

This injury commonly occurs when overhead motions or overhead lifting are performed repeatedly. A dull ache or pain felt deep in the shoulder is the main symptom associated with a rotator cuff injury.


Golf elbow/Tennis elbow (aka Tendinitis)

When inflammation and irritation in the inner tendon of the elbow occur, it is referred to as golf elbow. Symptoms include pain on the inside of the elbow and sometimes swelling.


Back pain

The rotational motion of the golf swing places a significant amount of stress on the spine and back, causing injury. The main symptom is pain felt in the back and Inflammation and swelling may be present.


Knee pain

This injury often occurs when weak knees are repeatedly used to stabilize the axis of the hips. This motion occurs at the beginning of the golf swing. Pain and stiffness in the knee are the most common symptoms.


If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, see your primary care physician. Your doc may recommend that you start a golf physical therapy program to achieve proper biomechanics and body movement while avoiding injury.

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