Frequently Asked Questions

What do you treat?

Acute and Chronic Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Core Weakness
Disc Degeneration
Hand and Wrist Issues
Herniated/Bulged Discs
Muscle Strain
Nerve Pain, Numbness, Tingling
Pinched Nerves
Plantar Fasciitis
Pre-Operative Procedures
Post-Operative Procedures
Shin Splints
Shoulder Impingement
Sports Injuries
Tension Headache
Traction for Back

What insurances do you accept?

Most insurances, as well as Worker’s Compensation and Automobile Accident cases. Our administrative staff will call your insurance to verify your benefits. You can also call the member services number on the back of your insurance card.

How long is a physical therapy appointment?

Typically 1+ hours, and an additional 10 minutes for the first visit for intake paperwork.

What should I wear to my appointments?

Consider comfortable, loose active wear for the therapist to treat the conditional area.

What do I need to bring with me?

At your first visit, we will need a copy of your ID, your insurance card (if applicable), your referral (if applicable), and any imaging reports you have had done (if applicable). Subsequent visits will simply require clothing that allows access to the areas PTs will be working on.

How does the 24 hour cancellation policy work?

All offices will charge a $25 fee for no shows/same day cancellations.

Please call one day ahead to cancel or reschedule your appointment.