Golf Fitness

Jon opened our Shepard Lane clinic in the spring of 2016. He designed this sports physical therapy facility knowing that it would be a place for golfers to work on their game through workouts and hitting golf balls. He built the entire clinic with you, the golfer, in mind. Utilizing his knowledge of human movement, anatomy, the golf swing, and biokinematics, Jon can identify faults in your swing and prescribe fitness programs designed specifically to help you overcome these deficits.

Jon utilizes the K-VEST 3D motion capture system during the evaluation to determine your swing efficiency and find the body segment that may be breaking down in your swing. This state-of-the-art system is helpful to find swing faults and helps develop the right exercises to fix the problems we discover. Jon is a Level 2 K-VEST certified instructor and has been using this technology for the last 8 years. He serves on the Medical Advisory board for K-VEST and he travels the country speaking on 3D motion capture and how important it is in golf fitness evaluations.


Jon is a physical therapist who specializes in working with golfers to produce a better physical body to perform the golf swing. He has been in practice for 17 years.  He is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute as a golf fitness expert. His certifications include Medical Level III, Junior Level III, and Biomechanics Specialist.


Golf Fitness Price List

Whether you want one visit to point you in the right direction, or several visits to help create the physical characteristics of a high-level player, we have the right package for you at our Farmington physical therapy facility.

One-Time Golf Fitness Evaluation  –  $200

The Golf Fitness Evaluation package includes a 15-point TPI exam that tests you head to toe to identify your physical limitations. The K-VEST is utilized to determine swing efficiency and determine which body segment is most at risk for an injury. Exercise prescription includes stretches and strengthening exercises, swing drills, and motor learning drills.  Exercise program goes for six weeks.

Package Of 3 Visits  –  $550

This package includes the golf fitness evaluation listed above plus two follow-up visits. These follow-up visits ensure a progression to your program; as you continue to improve we continue to progress your exercises to take your game to a whole new level.

Package Of 5 Visits And 18 Holes  –  $1100 Our most popular package!

Includes the golf-specific evaluation listed above plus five follow-up visits to ensure progression to your maximum abilities. You also get one 18-hole round at Oakridge Country Club with Jon Rhodes to see your game in action and to determine what adjustments are needed based on how you play out on the course. ***Any packages expire one year after date of purchase***

See our Utah physical therapy specialists to begin working on your golf swing and improving your game!